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Dec 6, 2012 6:00pm EST
are a pleasant memory. don't forget your winter jacket fist you're heading out tonight. bob is turk is in the weather center with the updated weather forecast. >> you bet. it is chilly. but not enough in the way of wind. we have clouds moving in. right now, we're down to 35. 35, ocean city. and freezing 32 out in oakland. 41 the warm spot over in washington, d.c. now, tomorrow, low pressure to the west of us will pass to or west, which means ahead of it, mild air. a lot of clouds. could be rain in the afternoon and evening. to the north, a little colder. a little freezing and drizzle is possible. could see a little light freezing trizle before it warms up. but we have warmer weather coming for this weekend. we'll have those numbers coming up. >>> another sure sign the holiday is here. we're about an hour away from the lighting of the washington monument. sky eye chopper 13 is over mount vernon right now, where preparations are under way for the lighting ceremony. and you can probably see down there, crowds are gathering for the fun. we're live on the ground, too. jessica kartalija with
Dec 5, 2012 6:00pm EST
outside. and not too bad of a day. but not nearly as warm as the last few days we've seen. bob is in the first warning weather center with the updated forecast. bob? >> if you were asleep all day today, awake yesterday. and going out tonight. big change. because temperatures have been dropping. down to 49. now, it's down to freezing. 32 in oakland. that's coming our way. 48, ocean city. and we are running 11 degrees colder right now than we were yesterday at this time. in oakland, 22 degrees colder, as you see, out to the west. white a bit colder. and tomorrow will be a sunny, dry day. but it will be chilly. temperatures only in the 40s. probably only mid-40s tomorrow afternoon. it will be colder next day or so. but even milder air coming back for the weekend. >>> big business for baltimore. the national aquarium is one of the most popular tourist attractions downtown. and it's raking in money. wjz is live there now. christie ileto explains why this is good news for everyone. christie? >> yeah, a new report shows that visitors are from out of town. they spend big bucks for the area.
Dec 18, 2012 6:00pm EST
he is somewhere different. the guy gets around. wjz is live with coverage. bob. >> that guy gets around, doesn't he? it's amazing. he is on a v-6 tonight. let's look at radar. nothing around here. cleared very, very nicely overnight, this morning. down in the 40s, however. it has cooled down and there is a bit of a breeze. to the west much lighter. but still up the 22 with wind gusts now still at 25-26. as you can see down in ocean city at 29. it will eventually calm down tonight, but it will be a lot cooler than it was last night. bernadette woods with those temperatures. >> it will be a colder night tonight it was another warm one today. look at the temperatures right now. still 47 degrees in baltimore. still 50 in d.c. these are above our average highs. i want to show you with perspective to the average what it looks like. the average right now in baltimore is 44 degrees. we topped out at 59 degrees today. the record is 72. we were closer to that than the average. now, we are going to remain above average tomorrow before big change comes in our weather pattern. colder air arri
Dec 17, 2012 6:14pm EST
of the dogs and the handlers have already started work. >>> time now to check in with bob. >> they are like this with their handlers. >> they are. >> they live with them. >> we have some better weather headed our way after tonight and early tomorrow morning. we're stuck in the 40s which we've been all day long. humidity 100%. east winds at eight, the east winds at eight, the barometer falling, ,,,, [ knocking ] oh, no, i got to go. oh, can you make that to go? these days, nobody has time to get sick. but minuteclinic makes it easy to get well. our nurse practitioners can diagnose and write prescriptions for everything from strep throat to sinus infections with no appointment necessary, so you can feel better in no time. you guys want to go to the park? yeah! yeah! minuteclinic, the medical clinic in cvs/pharmacy. accepts united healthcare benefit plans. >>> hi i'm terrance from baltimore, happy holidays wjz. >> and thank you terrance from baltimore. >>> please be careful driving later. we have visibility down less than 1/4 of a mile in some areas that could cause some problems. let
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4